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Aim of Education

The educational purposes of this institute are cultivating traffic management professionals and developing advanced technologies in traffic enforcement and traffic accident management to maintain the order and safety of road traffic. Due to the rapid growth of economy of this country and the increasing in numbers of overpopulated cities, the congestion in traffic and high traffic accident rate have become the nightmare to most of our civilians.
It is our responsibility to maintain the traffic order, improve traffic safety, and prevent traffic accident from happening from the perspective of traffic police. This institute carries out her mission by doing researches and educating her students the knowledge and techniques in traffic enforcement and traffic accident management. Traffic enforcement courses include "Traffic Enforcement Technique and Strategy", "Study of Traffic Laws", "Traffic Behavior and Psychology", "The Application and Exercises of Traffic Enforcement Equipment", etc. The accident management courses include "Accident Scene Management", "Accident Investigation", "Accident Reconstruction", and "Accident Causal Analysis", etc. Other basic courses such as "Traffic Engineering and Traffic Control", "Transportation Planning", "Applied Statistics", "Operation Research", "Criminal Law", "Administrative Law", etc. work with the aforementioned courses make our students more capable in their future professions.