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Curriculum Planning and Administration

1. Other than general courses for college level and common police courses for this unique university, this institute also offer traffic professional courses. Those professional courses which provided in this institute are categorized into six following fields:
1) Traffic Laws and Enforcement: Traffic police, like other police forces, carry out their missions by abiding by laws. Learning the principles of laws and techniques of enforcing laws are very helpful in increasing the performance of law enforcement.
2) Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction: A good investigation at an accident scene will lead to a good reconstruction afterward. This not only can ensure the benefit of our citizens but also can maintain the justice and fairness of our society.
3) Traffic Engineering: Traffic engineering is one of the bases of 3-E policy. A good traffic engineering and control will elevate traffic congestion, prevent potential accident from happening and increase speed and safety of traffic.
4) Traffic Behavior and Psychology: Studies on traffic behavior and psychology will help the students understand how a driver's mental status will affect his driving behavior. Only a reasonable enforcement and management accepted by most road users can help in improving the road traffic safety.
5) Traffic Safety: Traffic safety is the final goal for all traffic management purposes. Traffic safety analysis and case studies will offer the optimum plans for improving traffic safety.
6) Traffic Management: The application of management science and statistic analysis can help the traffic management and enforcement is more scientific and modernized.

2. The Content of Course Plan
Our core courses are mainly basic traffic management sciences and techniques. The details of the courses are:
(1) Graduate Level
Category Course Name R/E Credit
Traffic Enforcement and Study of Laws Administrative Law Study E 2
Road Traffic Laws Study R 3
Traffic Law Enforcement Study E 2
Traffic Special Problem Study B 4
Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Advanced Traffic Accident Reconstruction R 3
Accident Scene Surveying and Mapping E 2
Expert System s E 2
Geographic Information Systems E 2
Traffic Accident Cause Analysis B 2
Traffic Engineering Traffic Engineering and Control R 3
Computer and Traffic Signal Planning E 3
Traffic Behavior and Psychology Traffic Behavior E 2
Traffic Crime Study E 2
Traffic Flow Theory E 3
Traffic Safety Traffic Safety Analysis E 3
Road Traffic Safety Design and Analysis E 2
Traffic Planning and Evaluation E 3
Category Course Name R/E Credit
Traffic Management Traffic Survey and analysis E 3
Transportation Planning E 3
Multiple Variables Analysis E 3
Operation Research E 3
Artificial Intelligence E 2
Network Analysis E 2
Urban Traffic Problems Study B 3
Applied Statistics B 3
Traffic Management Mathematical Programming B 3
Freeway Management and Control B 3
Systematic Simulation B 2

(2) Undergraduate Level
Category Course Name R/B Credit
Sciences Chinese Current History R 2
Constitutions of the Republic of China R 2
Introduction of Natural Sciences R 2
English Literature R 4
Introduction and Appreciation of Art B 2
Chinese Literature R 4
Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Thought R 2
Logic R 2
Introduction of Philosophy R 2
Business Letter Writing for Police R 2
Laws Criminal Procedure Law R 4
Criminal Law (detail) R 4
Criminal Law (general) R 4
Administrative Law R 3
Introduction of Civil Procedure Law B 3
Administrative Management R 2
Basic Concept of Laws R 2
Introduction of Civil Law B 2
Police Science
Basics Crime Investigation R 2
Criminology B 2
Traffic Police B 2
Sociology B 2
Photography B 2
Police Science R 2
Police Administration R 2
Police Laws R 3
Police Practice R 2
Category Course Name R/B Credit
and Computer
Science Basics Statistics R 3
Applied Statistics R 3
Calculus R 6
Economics E 2
Computer Programming I and II R 4
Management of Information Systems F 2
Operation Research R 3
Linear Algebra F 3
Engineering Mathematics E 3
Dispersed Mathematics F 3
Data Processing F 2
Study Method F 2
Traffic Laws
Enforcement R Traffic Administration F 2
Study of Traffic Law Enforcement F 2
Traffic Police Practice R 2
Road Traffic Laws R 3
Special Problem E 2
Road Traffic Acts of Different Countries R 2
Traffic Safety Traffic Safety R 3
Automobile Engineering and Maintenance F 4
Road Engineering(Geometric Design) F 3
Program Evaluation and Review Technique F 2
Engineering Traffic Engineering R 3
Traffic Control R 3
Introduction of Computerized Signal Planning F 3
Accident Reconstruction and Cause Analysis F 2
Computer Aided Accident Reconstruction F 2
Geographic Information System F 2
Traffic Accident Investigation R 4
Emergency Rescue Practice R 1
Survey and Mapping F 2
Traffic Management Traffic Survey Design R 2
Urban Transportation Planning R 3
Operation Research F 3
Transportation Science R 2
Urban Traffic Issues F 4
Transportation Economics F 2
Urban Planning F 2
Vehicle Registration and Supervision Practice F 2
Behavioral Science Road Users' Behavior R 2
Psychology F 2