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Library and Facility

1. Publications in the Department Library
There are over 3500 titles of professional books, videotapes, and slides in the library. It covers the areas of traffic technology, traffic laws, traffic enforcement, traffic control, and traffic safety. There are 12 different Chinese professional journals such as "Urban Traffic", "Transportation Planning Quarterly", "Forensic Science", "Police Science Quarterly", etc. For Japanese readers, there are more 10 different journals which includes "Journal of Traffic", "Traffic Safety Strategy and Practice", "Traffic Safety Report", "Traffic Safety Annual Report", "Traffic Safety Monthly", etc. For English readers, "Accident Prevention & Analysis ", "Transportation Research Part (ABC)", "Transportation Research Record", "Management Science", "Institute of Traffic Engineering Journal", "Engineering Application of Artificial Intelligence", "Expert Systems", "Traffic Safety", "Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence", "Forensic Science Review", etc.
2. Training Facilities
To meet the training purposes of improving traffic safety and law enforcement, the department is equipped with radar speed detectors, breath alcohol analyzers, micro computers, cameras and movie recorders, traffic accident investigation units, as well as accident reconstruction and simulation software.