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In the first semester of the 109 academic year of the department (2020/10/16), senior student Luo Shuxian (701), a police officer from the Traffic Police Brigade of the Kaohsiung City Government Police Department, was invited to return to school to share her experience...
This department activity is honored to invite Mr. Mu Shui, the deputy director of the Police Communications Bureau of the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior, to give a speech. The topic of the speech is: My experience of learning and thinking. Through thi...
107 Graduation Reception [ 2019-05-24 ]
Students of our department are going to graduate , best wishes for them !
This graduation reception was held on 17 May,2019.
CPU Music Award [ 2019-03-20 ]
Congratulation !

Students of our department , Piyaljaljali , Yen Chen Lin and Kun Ying Lu were awarded.